Beauty in Simplicity : En-passant (enpassant) wrote,
Beauty in Simplicity : En-passant

My previous post...

Ok, so I’ve calmed down, and I feel bad now. My last post was a bit of a rant, and definitely angry. I had spent all day listening to the AM radio, some nine hours at that point. It seems there is this movement of propaganda behind these notions created by various professors (none of them in science fields so far that I have seen), politicians, and magazines, with a legion of people untrained in the sciences just trusting in this stuff. The blind leading the blind After a full day of hearing these people while about this stuff, I got to a point of distaste that I suppose generated itself unhealthily on my journal.

So, my opinion still stands, though I am apologetic for my extreme harshness and rudeness is expressing it to anyone who might be offended by it.

Ps. maybe we could make mechanical robots instead of electronic, and wind them up like Babes in Toyland with a big key! Then when the flying space monkey aliens come to take our women, they can stick them in the butts with their bayonets!
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