Beauty in Simplicity : En-passant (enpassant) wrote,
Beauty in Simplicity : En-passant

Shame on the shameful.

I am behind protests as a form of expressional, and demonstrations such as the old aids with ACT UP protests, but the peace protests have been shameful.

This has nothing to do with their opinion, the opinion is fine, even if I disagree, but the actions of how these protests of late handled things have been a nothing short of shameful for anyone that is supportive of those opinions, and protesting.

Police horses pulled to the ground, and beaten, with thrown or hit objects.

Police people attacked with bats, and items.

Businesses and cars vandalized. These are not nameless corporations; these are small local businesses, owned by your neighbors, being destroyed. These are people’s cars, some who rely on these cars for safety, and livelihood.

People drug from their own cars while the cars where stalled by the crowds. This was unbelievable to me, and revolting!

Major highways and streets blocked, normal innocent people trapped from their families, from hospitals, from help, or assistance. People trying to get to hospitals for loved ones, people trying to protect their children, people trying to just get away.

Projecting images of fear. Rather then projecting a cause of peace, for peace, to convince others, and explain and understand and teach others the importance of the cause, it was nothing more then a projection of fear, a threat of a riot and violence to terrify people.

Recorded Deaths! Someone actually died as a result of the riots. This is against the precepts of peace, and as a humanitarian, as someone normally willing to be understanding of protests, this is nothing but shameful, and I don't know how anyone involved can be anything but ashamed of themselves and their brethren over this.

I do not think those against war are shameful, and many people that did protest I agree are mostly innocent, but, everyone involved with the rallies share the weight and burden of the actions of their brethren.
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