Beauty in Simplicity : En-passant (enpassant) wrote,
Beauty in Simplicity : En-passant

The who, what, whys and hows of all this.

Lately, I have made a shift in my journal, posting instead of artistic endeavors, posting more political thoughts, and responses to people. None of what I am posting is to glorify or play an attention hound. In the length of time I have kept this journal, I have added very few and select people to my journal, at very rare occasions.

The purpose, and the reason for my posting my responses to other people, and my own thoughts, is to publicly hang myself to speak. I am not looking to make a public record of all accounts, and evidence in order to prove points, but rather to let what I write, not the responses, be publicly let out to hang. Since this is a personal journal, not an open forum, I only post my own responses and thoughts so as to keep this being just a record of my own thoughts, actions, and speaking. Others, who feel they need a record of both, can keep such. Whatever changes or shifts politically, or morally I go through, anyone can openly read, without hiding entries, what I discuss, and what I think, and hold me to such statements. In doing so though, I admit that I, being human, will by hypocritical at moments, will be littler with irony, and will sometimes shift, change, and evolve my opinions, thoughts, and feelings on varieties of matters, and may change any of them as I learn, and grow.

In the end, this is little more then historical nostalgia for myself.
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