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Some common practices of Iraq for handling prisoners.

Information from a report based on
• Iraqi exiles
• UN Reporters
• Human Rights Organizations
• Amnesty International
• Human Rights Watch

Extreme use of torture on innocent civilians.
Mutilations including shooting of fingers, toes, and arms, at point blank range, or shooting people from a distance while suspending them with the inability to move.
Usage of things to burn parts of the person’s body.
Usage of person’s own children as witnesses to the “interrogation” of prisoners.
Suspension, and tearing of joint ligaments and tendons.
Food and water depravation.
Severe beatings, usually about twice a day.
Extended and prolonged use of these measures’s ranging in weeks and months (perhaps more)
Release and repeat of these forms on the same persons as a form of mental manipulation.
Beheading, often of women “suspected” of prostitution. This is performed with swords in front of the families’ homes traditionally.
Rape. Performed regularly.
Breaking of limbs.
Insertion of objects into the rectum.
Extraction of finger and toenails.
Mock executions.
Keeping of prisoners retrained inside steel caskets, for death, until they confess.
No use of Due Process.
No return of the bodies to the families.
Families are charged for the use of bullets, etc, for the killing and torture of the family member.
Mass executions.
Racial executions.
Mass killing by military of peaceful protestors against the will of the government. Followed by mass arrests, torture and executions of persons involved with the peaceful protests.
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